European Speedrunner Assembly raised over $100,000 to the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation at ESA Summer 2023

Be a hero and support our vision of a world without dementia

The Swedish Alzheimer's Foundation was once again the proud charity organization of ESA

European Speedrunner Assembly is a series of charity fundraising marathons revolving around speedrunning! For one whole week, amazing gamers present world-class gameplay on, completing games as fast as possible while raising money for a cause. In 2019, 2021 and 2022, Swedish Alzheimer's Foundation has been the proud charity organisation of the event. In 2022, we broke the record and raised over $100,000 to end Alzheimer's disease! And we did it again in Malmö Sweden, at the ESA Winter 2023 event! At the ESA Summer event we did it again and ESA raised over $100,000 to Swedish Alzheimer's Foundation. We are so happy for this donations and it's means a lot for the research.

Meet our super-hero-Alzheimer researchers!

Meet our super-hero researchers, Professor Stina Syvänen and Associate Professor Dag Sehlin from Uppsala University in Sweden!

Swedish professor Tobias Granberg explains Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimers was first officially described 115 years ago and we still do not have a cure for this devastating disease.
Thanks to many generous donors including all of you at ESA, Alzheimer’s research has accelerated the past years. But we still have a long way to go before we finally can say game over to Alzheimer’s. Let’s take the fight against Alzheimer’s to the next level by crushing the donation goal of a hundred thousand dollars.

It is not certain what causes Alzheimers, but plaques that are blocking the signal path between neurons are the prime suspects. The only way we’re able to eliminate these plaques is through more funding for research advancements. Help us reach the donation goal of hundred thousand dollars and together we can beat Alzheimer’s and say game over.

While Alzeimer’s still has no definite answer at this time, in recent years researchers around the globe have been exploring how to reduce the risk of developing Alzhiemer’s. It’s been discovered that lifestyle changes such as regular physical exercise and stimulating brain activities can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Science relevant to prevention and brain health play a vital role in understanding how to beat the disease and these discoveries would not have been possible without funding by donors, such as all of you superheroes here at ESA. With more funding we will be able to make more discoveries. So let’s push Alzheimer’s disease one step closer to a Game Over by reaching the donation goal of a hundred thousand dollars.

In most games, players see the dreaded Game Over screen when they lose. Today everyone loses to Alzheimer’s. It is set to be the 21st century’s leading cause of death that we can not cure. Gamers, streamers, viewers – we need your help. Your support is the one thing that can make us win the fight against Alzheimer’s. Help us reach the donation goal of a hundred thousand dollars and together we will say Game Over to Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimers is clouded by stigma, fear and prejudice. Oftentimes, the loved one to a patient with Alzheimer’s becomes their caregiver. Caring for your loved one and seeing them change overtime is a journey that is demanding, disheartening and overwhelming. On behalf of all the families affected by the disease let’s reach the donation goal of one hundred thousand dollars so that we one day can say Game Over to Alzheimer’s.

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