Living With Alzheimer's: A Family's Story

Meet Daniel, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 55. He is today in one of the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s disease and shares his story of early symptoms, suspicions, tests and diagnoses. It is important to get tested for Alzheimer’s disease early because there are other diseases that can cause similar cognitive symptoms. Daniel is one of 1 800 Alzheimer patients who are participating in a trailblaising clinical study with an anti-body substance.  Recent data prove to rinse away the beta amyloid lumps in the brain and slow down the progression of cognitive decline by 27 percent. 

In his daily life, Daniel focuses on activities that he likes to do, playing golf, going to the gym and be as social as he can with friends and family. One thing that he struggles with is his speach, words tend to be difficult to express for Daniel. That is frustrating and hard to cope with as the disease progresses. 

Daniel and his wife Sophia are hopeful that the scientific research going on around the world will reach further positive results for everyone stricken by Alzheimer’s. A lot of patients who get a diagnosis, are in their midlife, with small children and careers. They come from all walks of life and by 2050 it is estimated that around 140 million will be living with dementia around the world.

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