Alzheimerfonden (Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation) was established in 1988 and primarily focuses on raising money for grants to fund research in the area. In 2020 over 50 million SEK ($5 million) was distributed to Swedish research and selected healthcare development projects. The Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation is the largest provider of Alzheimer’s research grants in Sweden.

Alzheimerfonden is a certified 90 account. This means that the Swedish Collection Control has measures to ensure at least 75% of donations are dedicated to research grants and other welfare initiatives. But we are a small team and we ensure that we use the bare minimum of the funds recieved to run the organization. We us the available resources in the most efficient way possible and dedicate the majority to research and development.

"Video games to treat dementia"

Researchers have discovered a link between video games and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s. We at the Swedish Alzheimers Foundation encourage everyone to take measures to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. These include 

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