"Our vision is a world without dementia"

The Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation’s vision is a society where we can cure and prevent dementia. We must be innovative and at the forefront of our work to stop Alzheimer’s disease.

– Liselotte Jansson, Secretary General at the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation.

This is Alzheimerfonden

The Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation (Alzheimerfonden) was established in 1988 and primarily focuses on raising money for research and information about Alzheimer’s and other dementias. In 2021 over 4,5 million dollars was distributed to Swedish research and selected healthcare development projects. The Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation is the largest provider of Alzheimer’s research grants in Sweden, which is at the forefront of the field. 


The Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation regularly hosts a series of events, lectures, sportive, and culture, to include caregivers and other stakeholders to join the fight against Alzheimer’s. One particularly important project is Alzheimer’s Game Over, hosted by European Speedrunner Assembly, where esports athletes from around the world gather in Malmö to give their support on Twitch.tv and raise money for The Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation. 

Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation
Vegagatan 9
113 29 Stockholm

Phone: +46 30 11 30 | info@alzheimerfonden.se