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Alzheimer's disease affects us all

Anyone can get affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Famous people like Sean Connery, Tony Bennet, Prime Minister Margret Thatcher or President Ronald
 But Alzheimer also affects sons, daughters, spouses, and caregivers. So regardless if you’re famous or not, caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is a special challenge.

As the disease progresses, the role as caregiver also changes, taking a bigger toll on those taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s. 

All these families facing Alzheimer’s need you. 

Your support for the fight against Alzheimer’s gives reassurance and hope for the millions of families affected by Alzheimer’s. 

Because of you, we will be able to level up our research and find a cure, faster.

Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation
Vegagatan 9
113 29 Stockholm

Phone: +46 30 11 30 | info@alzheimerfonden.se